Do you wonder if your resume disappears into a big black hole in the universe after you hit the apply button?

Get your resume noticed by Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Hi! I'm Kristy.

Exclusively for IT Professionals and Tech Sales Professionals will help you create a resume that will stand out in a crowd

I have been in the IT Recruiting industry for over 20 years.Over the years I have reviewed close to 1/2 million resumes. When you have as much experience as I do you know what works and what doesn’t and everything in between. I know all the tricks of the trade, what recruiters look for, what gets your resume noticed and what will get your resume tossed. 

I am leveraging my experience to help  Technology Professionals and Tech Sales Professionals get their resume in the YES pile.   

Wondering how much its gonna cost ya? 
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Resume Review Services

Find out what recruiters look for and how you can revise your resume to get noticed

For $59.99  $49.99 (limited time discount) I will review your resume,  give you baseline resume tips, make recommendations, discuss what types of opportunities you are looking for and how you can tailor your resume. Also provided will be tips and tricks of the trade so you can avoid being tossed in the no pile.

This price includes initial resume review, 30 minute phone consultation, follow up resume review with any additional recommendations.   

What we will cover in our phone consultation

Resume formatting

It's not what you think.

little details mean a lot

Typos, grammer and punctuation. OH MY!!!

personalize your resume

How To Tailor Your Resume

The most important thing you can do.

make your resume the star

How to stand out

Differentiate yourself.

details are important when you are putting your resume together

Creating a base resume

The building block for your job search.

software developer resume

What you need to know about applicant tracking systems

What recruiters will never tell you.